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    Traffic Light Formatting for Day Over Day Change in Sales

    Jeffrey Sigler

      Hi all,


      So trying to follow a different discussion topic and haven't been table to recreate it in my workbook.  So I have a % change in sales day over day metric (Today vs. Yesterday) as well as Today vs. Same Day Last Week.  I set my KPI measure to give a range in which what I want to be red, yellow and green.  Currently my two metrics are both red, so when I click on Color, the only option that it gives me to assign a color to is Red, since it is the only color being used conditionally.  But what happens when I publish the workbook and tomorrow one of the metrics is green?  I wasn't able to assign my "Green" to actual Green color.


      Please see a screenshot of my workbook with the metric formula and the color option open.  The metrics aren't flowing through correctly right now so please ignore the -100%.  Any help would be very great appreciated.  Thanks you so much