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    Best ways to automate tableau workbook update and filter by most current date

    D wong

      I have the following two data sets:


      sales table

      D, E, F....$xy date


      Multiplier table

      RegionMultiplierstart dateend date


      This results in the following output: Data is sorted by sales * multiplier, with only the top 10 results shown. It is order by the largest sales * multiplier. Filters are defaulted to the most recent multiplier date and sales date. (I know business logic should dictate that multiplier end date = sales date, but users want the flexibility to compare previous sales to current multiplier, etc.)

      RegionSales * Multiplier


      Currently, the workbook is updated manually, which requires un-filtering the limit of top 10 results, select the latest date for multiplier, select latest date for sales date, resorting results, then filtering by top 10 results. I am trying to automate the process to remove these redundant processes. Extracts are now set to update periodically on the server. Sales date is now defaulted to the latest date. However, I am not sure of how to resolve the remaining issues.


      My issue are the following:

      1) What is the best way to get the filters to default to current date as the most recent multiplier date? Unlike sales date, which I have convert it to discrete and set to latest, I cannot default to the greatest end date since that will just be confusing to users.

      2) I would like to automate the un-filtering and re-filtering of top 10 results and resorting top 10 results. What tools are available to automate these types of processes?