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    FAQ: Accessibility

    Kyle Gupton

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          Ciara Brennan

          Thanks for sharing Kyle Gupton , this is really useful

          • 2. Re: FAQ: Accessibility
            Kyle Gupton

            You bet! I plan to add more to it over time as well.

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              Lory Danganan

              Hi there,


              My name is Lory and I work for a nonprofit agency and we're using JAWS software for our visually impaired employees. Do you have an example of a dashboard that JAWS software can read? I've tried several options in Tableau but it doesn't seem to read it. I just want to learn from a sample and see how I can incorporate that with our dashboards.


              Appreciate your help.

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                Kyle Gupton

                Hi Lory -


                Absolutely. The best example is the one hosted on our third-party accessibility consultant's web site: https://equalentry.com/tableau-accessibility-demo/


                This is the page and dashboard they use for testing to prepare our VPAT for each release. In fact, if you look at the VPAT (links above), you can see descriptions of all the scenarios they test.


                Note that dashboards are only accessible if they are published to one of our web-based platforms (Tableau Server, Tableau Online, or Tableau Public) and accessed using a browser. Dashboards in Tableau Desktop are not accessible. Also, we added the accessibility capabilities starting in Tableau 10.5.



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                  Lory Danganan

                  Thank you Kyle! Do you happen to have a copy of the workbook package? I just want to test how JAWS software would read it.


                  Appreciate your help.

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                    Kyle Gupton

                    You can find the workbooks on my Tableau Public page here:




                    You can also just test the workbook that is published on our consultant's site. Otherwise, the workbooks do need to be published to Tableau Server, Online, or Public, and embedded in a WCAG 2.0 Level AA conformant web page before testing.



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                      Amar Raol

                      Sheet with Image for Action/Navigation.


                      On my dashboard I have a sheet with an image (Home icon) which I use to navigate to the Home dashboard. I use the Dashboard Action of 'on select' for this functionality.

                      Using keyboard navigation, when my focus is on this sheet (Home icon) and I click 'Enter' key - It will open up the 'View data' popup window.

                      is there a way to achieve the Navigation using keyboard?


                      The reason I need to use a sheet for the Image (instead of the Image object) is because I need to implement data level security. I have to show the Home Icon in some scenario and hide it in some scenario.


                      Any help is appreciated.

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                        Kyle Gupton

                        Hi Amar -


                        I assume your Home image is a shape mark on the underlying sheet. Is that correct? In that case, there's not a way to use the keyboard to "press" that image. Opening the View data page is the behavior since what you are activating is actually a viz.


                        As of Tableau 2018.3, the best option for navigation is to use the Button object, though there's no way (unless someone has discovered some crazy way to do it, like people sometimes do with Tableau!) to get it to show/hide in different scenarios like you are describing.


                        Is there another potential design for the dashboard that would satisfy your requirements?



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                          Lory Danganan

                          Thank you so much Kyle. These are very helpful.


                          Quick question, if you would know the answer – are natural language software like JAWS able to read underlying data like Tableau tooltips or labels? Do you know if that’s specified in the WCAG guidelines?




                          • 10. Re: FAQ: Accessibility
                            Kyle Gupton

                            Hi Lory -


                            At the moment, the only thing screen readers can read for a viz is the View Data page that shows the underlying summary and (optionally) full data. They can't read tooltips, labels, etc.


                            As for whether WCAG specifies this sort of thing, that's an interesting question.... I'd say that in general accessibility of a complex interactive visual display is not a solved problem (and is certainly not one for which standards exist). Under the WCAG we consider our interactive visualizations to be Complex Images:




                            In this case, the caption for a view can be considered the Short Description, and the View Data page as the Long Description. It's just that the View Data page usually isn't a very useful description. The whole point of Tableau is that a giant table of data isn't the best way to understand the data! And I don't think just providing screen reader access to the mark information or text in a Tableau viz is the right way to go here either. The visual layout of the various components of the viz is simply too critical to conveying the information it contains.


                            What's really needed is a mechanism to transform the delivery of the information from one kind of perception (visual) to another (typically audial (screen reader) or tactile (refreshable braille display).


                            Right now I think the most promising path forward is through the use of Natural Language Generation (NLG) tools like Automated Insights and Narrative Science. Both of these companies have Dashboard Extensions for Tableau that will generate data-driven, plain-language descriptions of Tableau visualizations that can be read with a screen reader. I don't think we're quite there yet, but I think this automatically generated textual description is a better transformation of the *information* that the viz contains from something that must perceived using sight into something (text) that can be perceived by either hearing (screen reader) or touch (refreshable braille display).


                            Note that this is just my opinion based on the state of things right now. I know there is active research going on within universities on these questions. Like I said, this isn't really a solved problem, so we're kind of making the standard as we go along.



                            • 11. Re: FAQ: Accessibility
                              Lory Danganan

                              Appreciate your help and sharing your expertise Kyle. Yes, our agency is looking into Automated Insights as an option too.


                              Thank you very much again!

                              • 12. Re: FAQ: Accessibility
                                Kyle Gupton

                                You bet! I hope it was helpful.

                                • 13. Re: FAQ: Accessibility
                                  Amar Raol

                                  Hello Kyle,


                                  Thank you for all your responses.


                                  Yes, I am using the Home Image as a shape mark on the underlying sheet. Due to the show and hide requirement, I think the button object might not work out and also I don't think I will be able to change the design also.


                                  I will continue my research and update the post if I find anything.

                                  • 14. Re: FAQ: Accessibility
                                    Kyle Gupton

                                    Thanks Amar. I don't have any other ideas at this point. I'm wondering if there are some ideas for new capabilities of the Button object that could come out of this. In general we want people to use the new Button object rather than the old way of hacking "buttons".




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