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    I made two worksheets in exactly the same discernible manner, but they behave totally differently

    morton hsiao

      There must be very fine differences in methodology because I swear I made these worksheets the same, but they're totally different.  I cant' attach a workbook because its full of proprietary detail and I'm sure mocking it up with fake data won't work because I'll never be able to repeat what I did ever again:  Here are picts.


      I did the same exact things  I dragged the BC and Actual data right to the rows shelf is it? On the left it's wrapped in sum() in the right, not...

      I dragged %Budget to the sum(bc)  marks area.  On the left, and right it put AGG around it but on the left, it shows real numbers.  On the right, it shows 0's.  Also, on the left there are actual numbers and on the right there are no numbers, its' all 0.


      Incidentlaly %Budget, which is the same in both pictures, is sum([Actual])/sum([Budget])


      It doesn't seem like the interface is especially deterministic.  The January Containment figure is 835.  It's the right number in the tool tip.  It shows correctly on the right picture, but not the left picture, where it's less than 1.  You'd think if it was going to be right it would be in the left picture, but its not.  How do I get numbers were there are 0's and bars at the right levels as it is on the right?


      Sorry I can't provide the workbook.  Too much proprietary data