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    How to denote whether a "Facility" is a single tier or multi-tiered based on dimension

    Kerry Page

      Hey everyone,


      Please help! This may be a multiple-step answer and I'm looking for some creative answers here...


      • Facility No = Facility number (physical location)
      • Parent No = is a Parent#, similar to a serial #
      • Tier Level = unique to each Parent# - It's either a "Tier 1", "Tier 2", or "Tier 3" (This is a calculated field based off other measures)
      • Facilities can contain multiple tiers.


      1. I would like to know by Facility if this is a Single Tiered facility or Multi-Tiered facility
      2. In addition, I would like to know the combination of Tiers, so if it's only Tier 1, then "Tier 1" (...or 2...or 3). If Tier 2 and 3 is at the same facility, then "Tier 2/3", if Tier 1 and 3, then "Tier 1/3", if Tier 2, then "Tier 2"...etc.
      3. ***and at a higher level I need to roll up all data by "single" or "Multi-tiered" and then what combo they are by the entire population (which is over 35K records)


      Hope this makes sense and THANK YOU to whoever can tell me how to do this.


      Sample data below and sample workbook attached.