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    Shift Calculation for 6am-6pm / 6pm-6am & A Bit More

    Chrissy Scott

      Hello out there,


      I have a report that shows a running count of how many servers are being worked on at any given hour. Super simple, looks like this:



      What I need is a way to calculate the average/hr for each shift. But... I'm having some trouble creating the shift calculation. There are two shifts: 6am- 6pm & 6pm - 6am. I'm hoping that once I have a successful shift calculation, I can use that to simply get an average count.


      Alternatively, if there's a way to show reference lines for every 6am and every 6pm, and then a way to show a reference line for the average between each shift interval, that would work as well.


      I have attached a workbook with dummy data. Any help is, as always, greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!