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    Filter Passed in URL not functioning properly when starting on different tab

    Joshua Gredvig

      *Sample workbook can be downloaded from Tableau Public in links below


      • Data behind workbook is the following, it is copied once in workbook in an attempt to get desired functionality.


      On dashboard 1 I want to show a selected group versus the benchmark. On dashboard 2 I want to allow you to compare your selected group with other groups. I want the starting point on dashboard 2 to just show the group you selected and then you can add additional groups as desired. 


      • On Dashboard 1, the first iteration of the data source is used and a group is selected via a parameter ("Selected Group")

      link to dashboard 1 selecting group B :https://public.tableau.com/profile/joshg4193#!/vizhome/URLActionFilterIssue/Dashboard1?publish=yes&Selected%20Group=b&G2=b


      Everything looks good so far, it correctly selected B.

      • Here is the issue, if I navigate to Dashboard 2 by clicking on the "Dashboard 2" tab from the above, it will not properly filter to "b" via the G2 filter (Dashboard 2 is using a copy of the original data and a dimension that doesn't exist on the original as I don't want to filter Dashboard 1 via the same method).

      screenshot (it's selecting group "s", which is just what was selected when it was published):


      I want to be able for this to work when I start on Dashboard 1. Any idea how to set up my workbook or modify URL actions to get this to work correctly?  


      I realize I could do some things with data blending and parameters (Creating a Dynamic “Parameter” with a Tableau Data Blend | Drawing with Numbers ) but you have to set up a data blend and separate drop down for each additional comparison group. I'm envisioning people selecting up to 20 different comparison groups here and don't want to cap the possible number of comparison groups, so that doesn't really work.