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    Parameters in Custom SQL

    Robert Johnson

      Hi All,


      I need to capture user responses to parameters and pass them to the Custom SQL in 2 ways:  Ad Hoc (live) and Scheduled.


      A sample might be:

      Select Period Range:

      with 5 Static choices

      List box: Yesterday

                     Prior Week (Monday to Sunday)

                     Prior Month (1st of last Month to last day last Month)

                     Prior Quarter

                     Ad Hoc: Enter Begin date, Enter End date


      For now, I just need the Parameters for Enter Begin Date and Enter End Date to be presented every time the query is refreshed.

      Later perhaps I can tackle the other 4 options.


      When I do the where clause:


      Transaction Date between <Parameter.Enter_Begin_Date> and <Parameter.Enter_End_Date>


      I do not get a dialog box to enter anything.  The data refreshes with old values.


      What am I missing?