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    Display a List of Values with using blended data sources - Asterisk Displays

    Bill W

      Afternoon Tableau Friends,


      I've tried a few of the examples within the forums and I believe I am on the edge of solving this, yet its not working.

      1. Tooltip Shows Asterisk When Multiple Values Present

      2. How do I show a list instead of asterisk when using blended data sources?

      3. Tableau Public


      However, I need to be able to use the Primary Datasource as the Primary as there is a filter I need for the entire dashboard which controls other sheets and information.


      I've attempted the Feeder / Includer formula.


      if First() == 0 then

              MIN([Comment]) + char(10)

      elseif MIN([Comment]) != Lookup(MIN([Comment]),-1)


          PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + char(10) + MIN([Comment])






      PREVIOUS_VALUE(LOOKUP([Comment Feeder],LAST()))



      I'd like for it to give me Test1 and Test2 comments for Columbus Location and Test6 and Test7 Comment for the Boston Location.


      Any thoughts, would be much appreciated.