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    Choose filter and also include NULLs

    Derek Turner

      I'm building a dashboard of course completions.  We basically have two data tables: 

      • Course Completion (Course + Learner + Completion Status)
      • List of possible Learners (List of all learners, even if they never took any classes)

      What I'm trying to accomplish is to have the user pick a course from a dropdown, that filters the data for just that course, but includes all learners (ie the NULLS when left joined on the course completion table).  So effectively it needs to filter NULLs AND whatever the user chose.


      When I use a quickfilter it filters the NULLs.  My users aren't smart enough to also select the NULLs, no matter what we give our alias.  I could use a parameter, but our list of courses keeps growing, so I need that filter to be dynamic.  I tried using calculations to compare the filter to the column, but then I'm comparing aggregate to non-aggregate.  I'm at a loss of how to proceed.  Any ideas?