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    Mapping Zip code points on regional map

    Dru Bussiere

      Looking for some help on getting individual data points mapped onto the regional map which I've created.  I can get the two to work separately but not on one view.  I have tried duplicating the map under itself and then removing unwanted marks, adding wanted, etc but this didn't give me what I wanted either.  My ultimate goal is to have one map with the regions colored like the worksheet labelled Regions with marks for each Distributor by zipcode like in Distributors tab.  Each distributor name would be a different shape (ultimately it will need to be separate maps for each region as there are not enough shapes for distributors).  There should be no zip code borders on the map.  I am relatively new to Tableau and not a programmer.  I've watched some of the training vids and quick links to get this far.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!