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    First Product Purchased by highest revenue product in the basket

    varun kalra



      I am trying to work out the name of the first bought product by a customer. The condition however is that if a customer has 3 products in a basket and checks out at the same time/date, I want to mark the maximum revenue earned product as the first bought product.


      I have gone through the post Identifying The First Product Each Customer Purchased | Tableau Software but this query seems to be a bit more precise.


      I created a calculated field called "first product purchased" using the above method, but it defaults to first product in the basket.

      For eg: for customer id : 541959, I want the the first product purchased to be "Leaflets and Flyers" as it has the highest revenue amongst all products in one basket (one basket id) bought on the oldest date.


      Please guide


      Workbook attached