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    Counting Number of Repeated Entries in a Column

    Mohsen Majnoon



      Here's my first post here so sorry for the format if it's not aligned with the norm.

      I have 20 lists of servers. I want to Union them and find out what servers appear in all the lists the most. Suppose that Server1 appears in 18 lists.

      I'm new to Tableau too. Here's what I'm doing:

      1- import one of the 20 lists

      2- new union with the wild card, and left join.

      3-new sheet, names in rows, and "number of records in Text

      it shows me the number of times each server has appeared in these 20 lists. Great. I can sort them,etc.

      now, I want to pivot based on the number of appearance. I want to find out how many servers have appeared in 18 lists, 17 lists,... and group the servers. how can I do this?