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    Unable to reset user input parameter value in Tableau Server

    Bhupesh Gupta

      I am very new to tableau server and trying to make a report which will take user input and present the data in tabular form which can be downloaded as csv or pdf by the user.


      I created a parameter as I wanted to allow the user to enter multiple values. I made use of following link and successfully did it.

      Create a Multiple Value Selection Parameter | Tableau Software


      I did all this on Tableau desktop and publish it on the server where my end user can interact with the report and download as required. Problem I am facing is a user enter something into parameter value but unable to empty the input field. It always keep the last entry in it. It kind of weird and there must be something I will be missing. User should be able to clear out a filter if he don't want to use it but due to this issue they cannot. It always expect something in there.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Hello Bhupesh,


          Is the default/current value set to the number that it always changes back to after being cleared?


          Try recreating the view but set the default value to 0 (if you are looking to have this be null, there would need to be additional calculations to be done. To return null for when the [parameter] = 0.) this will make the parameter reset to 0 after time the value is cleared.




          Above will show 0 when the value is cleared as the current vlaue is what the parameter is reset to when the parameter value is cleared.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick