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    Total of percentages calculation query

    Graeme Elliott

      Hi all!


      I have a query in regards to a table I have made which I hope someone can help me with!


      I have attached a copy of the packaged workbook.


      This contains data for 25 clients in 8 sessions (all random numbers) and I am focusing on Session 1. The date for the data is May 17 - April 18. The sheet also contains some custom sets and dimensions in order to grab the top ten (well, top N) clients and put the others under 'Others'. The first column of data contains the data figures for the session over the 12 months. The second column contains a percentage of the total.


      When I change the data to be an average, numbers shown in column one are correct, and the percentage of total calculation works fine. However, the total below the percentages does not quite add up:



      Why is this? Is there anything I can do to make that percentage total figure be the sum of the percentages above it (I think it should be around 79.1%)?