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    General Questions about Transition to Tableau Server

    David Oliver

      Hello everyone,


      My organization is considering purchasing a Tableau Server subscription, and I'm trying to do some digging and find as much info as possible before we make a final decision.  Currently, myself and one other co-worker use Tableau Desktop Professional and publish to Tableau Public, using the subsequent embed codes to integrate visualizations with our website.  With Tableau Server, the hope is that we will see improved visualization performance having a local server, and that we will have greater administrative control.  I have a few questions I'm hoping can be answered by more knowledgeable folks here on the forum:


      1.)  Does the owner of the Tableau Server license only have administrative rights, or are they able to create and publish visualizations as well?  (I don't know if it's redundant to have one person hold both a Desktop license as well as Server, or if the Server license is better suited for someone with a background in networking.)


      2.)  Once we purchase a Server license, what are our options when it comes to publishing visualizations?  Would be then have the option of publishing to our Server as well as Tableau Public?


      3.)  Should we see a definite increase in performance if we purchase our own Server license?


      Thank you,