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    Having one view for Executives and Dealers using Row level security

    Kapil Lehar



      I have a following requirement.


      I have some data(attached in excel with sheet named 'Data') and I have a dealer table(Attached as 'Dealers List', screenshot above)


      The above view shows total inventory by dealers.

      The above view should be  visible to Executives only since it shows all dealers


      If dealer B190 logins he should be able to see only his bar and not B290 bar


      On the server I have usernames which are stored in CwsID column in the excel attached

      On the server i also have 2 groups one for Executives and one for Dealers



      Question : I want to make sure that whenever someone from that Dealers List logins to the server he should be able to see only his dealer info

      Whenever someone else(not in the dealers list sheet but present in the Executive Group on server) logs in, then he should be able to see all data.


      Can someone suggest how could this be implemented.