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    Use Dimension, but hide it in Diagram


      Hello guys,


      I am fairly new to Tableau and would like to solve a problem.
      Using 3 separate data sources (Excel at the moment, will become 3 SQL DB later on), I want to link these 3 Excel via relationships.

      I use 3 Worksheets on my dashboard, each one using data from the corresponding Excel table. 3 Excel tables -> 3 Worksheets
      Now I want the Worksheets to filter the other ones, if a specific value is clicked on, e.g. Item A has 3 failures, caused by 3 causes. If I click on Item A, I want

      all corresponding failures and causes to be shown. But when I click on Failure XY,  I want all affected Items and all causes to be shown.


      To achieve this interoperability, I have created Action filters and specified the source and target fields. The action filters work, but I have to involve fields, that are necessary because of

      being some kind of "foreign key" for the other tables. These "key fields" are necessary for filtering / linking the tables, but I don't need them in my sheets as visual representation.


      I saw, that if the fields defined in the action filter are not available in the worksheet, the action filter says something like "Missing fields in worksheet XXX". By adding these fields to

      the worksheet, the action filters / the interoperability between the sheets worked. But I have data/dimensions in my sheet, which I don't want to be shown there. When I add

      these fields to Rows, I achieve a segmentation of data I don't desire. When I drag these fields on "Marks" instead of "Rows", e.g. Marks -> Detail, the fields are available for

      the action filter, but are almost not visible. The bars in the diagram become segmentated, which I want to avoid.

      The big question is: Is there a way to involve fields in a datasheet, but absolutely hide them visually?


      Thanks a lot!