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    Connect Tableau 9.3.1 workbook with Hive+Kerberos+SSL




      Recently, our client implemented Kerberos and SSL in their Hive cluster.


      I have around 100 workbooks - all developed on desktop version 9.3.1. The version 10.2.1 does not work for my workbooks - well, that's a separate issue. But still, I have tried connecting to the new Hive cluster using 10.2.1 and it works just fine. Even with SSL it is working on 10.2.1.


      BUT, I am unable to get the workbooks to connect using desktop version 9.3.1

      My data-source connection is Hortonworks Hadoop Hive.

      I even have a .PEM file.

      I have created a .tdc file by the following modification. Tableau desktop log also says that it has found my TDC file but the error is the same.


      <connection-customization class='hortonworkshadoophive' enabled='true' version='9.3'>

      <vendor name='hortonworkshadoophive' />

      <driver name='hortonworkshadoophive' />


      <customization name='odbc-connect-string-extras' value='TrustedCerts=C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\Hive.pem;CAIssuedCertNamesMismatch=1' />




      When I try to connect to the data-source it says - "......This is because you are trying to establish a non-SSL connection to a SSL-enabled server"


      Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.