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    Wrap Text that is on an axis

    Jennifer VonHagel

      Hi all,


      I'm playing around with putting multiple chart/vis types in a single chart object.  See screenshot below, and I've attached a .twbx with dummy data.


      I would like to put a short paragraph of text on top of a faded out shape in Project Status. I can't make the text word-wrap here. I have checked the "Word Wrap: On" box on the label card, but it doesn't take effect.


      I know if I put this text field on the rows shelf, i can word wrap it when it's a header. But I'm trying to figure out how to get it to wrap when it's in the visualization itself.


      Is this possible? I feel I must be missing something obvious.


      The Axis field is simply ATTR(1). I've tried clearing the axis range or using different axis ranges. I have it as a dual axis because I want to be able to put the title on top; so I tried this as a single axis rather than dual, but that didn't help.



      Thanks for any ideas.




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          Mahfooj Khan

          Hi Jennifer,


          I think its really difficult to wrap the texts. However, I've found some useful links that might help

          Why won’t my long text wrap? Annotation Tricks! – The Data Duo



          If you want this feature to be added then you may vote this idea



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            Jennifer VonHagel

            Hi Mahfooj, thanks for the links.


            The Annotation method kind of worked for what I needed to do, but since I may have many rows that on separate dashboards that would need to update automatically, manually creating, sizing and placing the annotations defeats the purpose. It did, however, let me at least show the idea of the visualization to my client, so thanks for that.


            I think we will go with something that doesn't require text wrapping on an axis, though I did find something else that might potentially work that I'll share in case someone else comes to this thread. It's still not as automatic as it ought to be, but may be useful in some situations.  I was googling around about some Tableau question, and happened to see a headline somewhere that you can use the /newline character in a Tableau string calculation. So I quickly checked it out, and it works!


            CHAR(10) = /newline


            Again, not ideal to the purpose for which I was trying to use it, but if I really needed word wrap on an axis I could prep the data in the database ahead of time (or someone might be able to use Tableau Prep) to add /newlines in the source data itself, according to rules of max line character-length.