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    Conditional Formatting on value not in data set

    Martin Bohlmann

      Hello Community,


      I'm new to Tableau and have read many articles on conditional formatting.  All very good but haven't found the answer for my problem.  I've used the tricks described and they work but I have anticipated/future values that are not currently in my data set but will be in the future.  When they do appear, I wan't the calculation to format it.


      [Cap Dct] is a capability score, when an organization's score improves from 2 to 3 for example, a column should have it's background color changed. All good up to here. Currently, there is no score above 2 but there will be in the future. I don't want edit this later.


      How can assign/define the color in the color editor if the value does not exist in the data set I'm using?


      If Sum([Cap Dct]) = 4 THEN     //not in data set


      ELSEIF Sum([Cap Dct]) = 3 THEN //not in data set


      ELSEIF Sum([Cap Dct]) = 2 THEN //exists in data set


      ELSEIF Sum([Cap Dct]) = 1 THEN //exists in data set


      ELSEIF Sum([Cap Dct]) = 0 THEN //exists in data set






      The column of values below are another set of values and the conditional formatting is applied to this column