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    Count the number of open items in a given month with Open and Close Dates, issues with filtering dates

    Aaron Blake



      My data source has numbered items, each with an Open and Close Date. If there is no close date, then the item is still active. I want to create a chart that shows how number of active items in a month.


      I attached what I got so far. This is based on a very helpful Tableau article (Displaying Active Records Over Time | Tableau Software ). The only things I changed from this article is that instead of arranging the data by weeks I used months. I also included items with a "null" close date (items that are still active) in the data. The data looks correct.


      i am running into issues when I try to add date filers. The months range from 1/2017 to 8/2018. But, if I filter for only 11/2017-8/2018, the chart would start at 0 active items, which is not true. Without any filters, the chart says I have 24 active items on 11/2017, which is correct. Looks like Tableau is resetting the number when I filter the dates. I basically want the ability to focus on the number of open items for each month over a specific range of months. Can this be fixed without SQL?