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    Dynamically changing a dimension with a parameter?

    Michael Baek

      Hi all. This is my first post on this forum and hoping I can get some help on a project. I don't have a workbook to show, because I haven't found any kind of technical solution to this problem. So i thought I would start with a theoretical practice.

      My question is this: Is it possible to change a data field with a parameter? In order to explain more, I will give a simple example to provide insight into the kind of problem I am working on.


      A business has two orders that were placed on January 1st, for our example let's designate them as Order A and Order B. Both orders are pending until they are completed when they are shipped out, and a shipping date is logged in the data set. Order A's status is complete with a shipping date of January 31st. Order B has not been shipped so is still pending.


      I set a Tableau date parameter, and wish to visualize the statuses of all orders based on this parameter on a simple stacked orizontal bar chart. In theory, if I were to set the parameter to show the statuses of an order from January 1 - 15, the bar chart should visualize that there are two orders that are pending. However, in practice, the visualization would show that there exists one order that is pending, and one order that is complete.


      Is there a query in Tableau that would be able to recognize the "correct" status of orders within the parameter? Or am i hoping too much and is this solution found in the backend of the data itself.


      Thank you!