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    Tableau QA Exam Prep

    Erin Linley

      Hello all,


      I have been studying incessantly for the Tableau QA Exam and believe I may have exhausted most of the online resources. I've gone through all the Tableau "Creator" training videos, taken 2 Udemy courses (which included 2 practice exams), and gone through the Learning Tableau quizzes.


      Are there any other resources I may be missing, particularly for hands-on question help? I barely passed the last practice exam and am quite nervous.


      Thank you!

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          Adam Rauh

          Hey Erin,


          How did you do?  I think your training prep seems pretty thorough, but you have to make sure you're actually internalizing the concepts and not going through the videos to check off the box.

          Are there any particular items you're held up on?