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    Tableau Online Dashboard does not show the latest data refreshed on the published data source

    WanTing Kuo

      Hi I have published a dashboard on Tableau Online which links to a published data source on Online as well.

      The data refresh daily. However, the dashboard online does not reflect the latest data despite the daily extraction/refresh job runs successfully.

      Here are the steps I took to try to find out the root cause but it still doesn't seem logical to me.

      If anyone has a similar experience and would able to help out that would be very helpful. Thank you! 


      1. The dashboard on tableau online does not reflect the latest data daily, which would be showing yesterday's data every day.


      2. The strange thing is that the email sent daily from the subscribed email does show the latest data, which means the data sources did refresh but somehow just not reflect it on the dashboard online.


      3. I also have a local dashboard which connects to the published data sources. This local workbook does show the latest data.


      4. I've cleared the cache and history of the web browser, but it still did not show the latest data.


      5. On one worksheet, the latest data does not show consistently. For example, when I filter on last 365 days, the latest data does not show up; whereas when filters on last 3 day, the latest data shows up.


      6. Only when I clicked "refresh" button on the dashboard (not the one to refresh the data source), the latest data shows up.


      I am hoping I could really fully automate the process without someone manually click "refresh" button every day.


      Also - Does Tableau have any built-in notification email if/when the data source refresh job failed?


      Thank you,