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    Need to average values from multiple sources

    Kyle Kuvin

      I'm having an issue linking tables in order to produce unique values. Here is the scenario:


      I have multiple job surveys with lists of jobs and what their recommended salary would be. However, some of our jobs meet different codes in the surveys. For example, Job A could be Survey Job A or Survey Job B. I want to look up both those values and average them together. My base however is my local job code. I have three Excel databases linked together:


      Worksheet A contains local job codes

      Worksheet B contains local job codes and survey codes

      Worksheet C contains survey codes and salary rates


      I have A inner joined to B through Job Code and B inner joined to C through survey code.


      So if Worksheet A has two survey codes, how do I pull both values from Worksheet C?


      Attached is a basic set up of my Excel where the tabs would be the separate Excel files. In the attached example, I would want Dog Wrangler to produce an end result of 32,500 (the average of Rate A and Rate B). The Cat Herder would return just the one value.