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    How do I make a line and an stacked area graph in Tableau featuring 3 series

    morton hsiao

      I made this in excel:


      I don't know how to make the image bigger.


      Also, this is an easy set of data.  My actual data is more complicated.  It looks like



      Each row is a different series is qualified by a lot of dimensions.  Tableau only detects different series if they are different columns in a table.  So if I had the original Larry, Moe Hurdle data above, i can transpose the data and there are three series just like that.  If I've got many qualifiers like this, then what is best for tableau?  I can Melt or unpivot the dates so its just another column and have a row per data point.  But then defining series with a if [Business] = "Vivid Speech" and Program = "Sudheer" then [Value] else Null doesn't work really well in tableau.  Also, I plan to aggregate based on different dimensions so it's handy to have them separate like that.


      Here's my best effort.

      I unpivoted the data (in excel of course!) with power query.  Then I made this:

      By making series with the equations above.  Then I made this graph with two fake series Completed and Completed BC.  Assuming this is the best way to make series, I want the yellow to be the green line equivalent from above and the grey and green to be the orange and green stacked area graphs from above.  I tried double clicking the y axis to do double axis, and then synchronize axis.  It's still dual, which is a shame.  Then I want to add another series:

      The one on the bottom.  I'd like that to be a line too and combined.  Is this really the best way to deal with this?