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    Only Show data when a row in "use as Filter" is selected

    Vishal Shah



      I have a dashboard with 4 worksheets,

      1. Main Sheet and 3. Sub sheets


      so the main sheet has a list of orders and the sub sheets have "Notes related to orders" so when I have those sheets in the dashboard and no selection is made on the Main sheet they display notes for all orders this looks weird on the dashboard and also slows up the DB as its loading notes for all orders.


      I was looking to see if there was a way to only show the notes for the latest order and then update is based on whats selected on the main sheet.


      so basically looking for a filter which is like

      IF nothing selected on main sheet then show latest order, or else select the order selected.


      Thank you

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          Aaron Dobbins

          You will need to set up filter Dashboard Actions so that when you select a value on the main sheet, the three sub-sheets are filtered


          Go to Dashboard > Actions... > Add Action > Filter... to create a new filter.


          See attached example using superstore data where the bar graph is the "main" sheet and the two below are the sub-sheets that get shown and filtered when a selection is made.


          Source Sheet: check only the box for the sheet that is your main sheet

          Target Sheets: check only the boxes for the sheets that are your sub-sheets

          Run action on: use Select to have the filter trigger on click.  Menu will mean the user must click a value, then click the link in the popup.  Not really what you want here.

          Clearing the selection will: use Exclude All Values to hide all values unless a value is selected on the main sheet.

          Target Filters: select All Fields then click OK.


          If you want to show the last order notes you will need to set up a second sheet that shows only the latest order notes and set up filters for hide/show of the sheet depending on if anything is selected.  There are a lot of examples on hide/show sheets in this forum.  I would suggest you start with showing nothing because it will draw attention to the notes when a selection is made and that sheet is populated. Especially if you are showing a list of orders, to show the latest order notes could be confusing.


          I also included a second dashboard action to show how you can filter from the sub-sheet to the other sub-sheet if interested.