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    Displaying data where none exists

    Luis Ortega

      Hello everyone!


      A while ago I posted a question regarding how to create a table that displays static columns, whether or not the columns have any values.  I got one response that I didn't understand indicating that I should build a rows to columns pivot in the source; following up on that for further clarification, but I'm thinking there should be an easier solution.  The image below is from an Excel Workbook that prototyped the solution I'm looking to build in Tableau.




      When I attempt to reconstruct this image in Tableau, I get the following result:




      My primary goal is to display the fields with 0 values; looking at the first row in the Excel version (titled Open Issues Counts), the column C with a value of 0 does not display in the Tableau version.  I've looked online for possible solutions and constantly get directed to two solutions that don't work: ZN() and selecting the "Show Empty Columns" from the Analysis>Table Layout option in the menu.


      I'd really appreciate any direction that can be offered to come up with a solution.