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    Staked Bar Chart with Dual Axis Stacked Area Chart?

    Josh Reynolds

      Hey Guys,

      Long term reader, first time poster. Did a bit of research and not sure I could find an answer...


      I want to show a split of count of orders for this year (with the two colour stacked bar) vs split of count of orders last year (with a two colour stacked area)


      Currently -

      The stacked bar chart with the Blue + Orange shows count of orders of two categories for this year - this was done by dragging measure values and selecting the two categories.


      The single grey area chart behind shows the total count of orders of those two categories from last year. This is a single measure.



      Is there a way to make the grey area chart split into two colours as well to show dual measure as well to be able to show the split of orders from last year?


      Do I need to pivot data... ?


      Tableau v 10.3.0


      Any help greatly appreciated


      Current viz :