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    Blank Values in Tableau

    Nancy Sidhu

      Hey everyone!


      Got myself stuck in a situation: A calculated field's value is displayed as Blank in Tableau. Let me explain this with an example:


      Field X: [Field 1]+[Field 2]+[Field 3]


      Field 1= 9

      Field 2=12

      Field 3=15


      Field X should be the sum of the above-mentioned fields. It should be equal to 36 but it's showing nothing at all. Individual values of the above fields are displayed perfectly except the calculated field, which sums all of them.


      Note: Out of Field 1, Field 2 and Field 3, One field is calculated and other 2 are fetched from the data source.


      Can't post screenshots or workbook!!


      Looking forward to your suggestions. TIA!

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          meenu choudhary

          Hi Nancy,


          It's difficult to give solution without data/workbook.

          When you are saying 2 fields are calculated fields, the what kind of calculation are you doing,are you using LODs??


          You may try below solution,but its best to upload data.


          Try wrapping the calculation to ZN function


          Field X: ZN([Field 1])+ZN([Field 2])+ZN([Field 3])




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            Okechukwu Ossai

            Hi Nancy,


            It is showing null possibly because the calculated fields are not aggregated. You can try the formula below;


            Field X: SUM([Field 1]) + SUM([Field 2]) + SUM([Field 3])


            Hope this helps.


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              Nancy Sidhu

              Hi Meenu,


              Thanks for the solution!


              The Zero Null Function worked. Earlier, I was using one ZN function for the entire calculation. Specifying ZN for individual fields helped handling the null values and getting the desired output.


              PS. I haven't used LODs in the fields. A simple sum has been performed in each Calculated Field.

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                Nancy Sidhu

                Hi Ossai,


                Specifying the aggregation won't work as the Fields are already aggregated.


                However, specifying the ZN function for each field in the calculation worked and provided the correct results.


                Thanks for suggestion!