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    User Accounts

    Scott Schmeling

      Good Afternoon,


      Can someone point me to a good article on the pros and cons of using the different user account levels?  Right now we have all developers set up as Site Admins and I'm trying to convince our department that is not good practice.  They want to see proof of this?

      Their big concern is having only 2 Site Admins will cause a bottleneck in publishing reports.



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          Ken Flerlage

          Here's a good place to start: Set Users’ Site Roles


          Site Administrators can do pretty much on a server and it allows unrestricted access to the configuration, all sites, all users, all projects, all data, all workbooks, etc. In other words, they have full access to everything (for the given site). It's incredibly dangerous to have that many people as site admins as eventually someone will break something. Site admin really should be reserved for only the people who are actively administering the Tableau Server. If these developers just need to publish dashboards, then the Publisher role would probably suffice.

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            Scott Schmeling

            Thanks Ken,


            This is what I have been trying to tell them- however it doesn't seem to be sinking in.  They think if someone is a developer they should be able to handle Admin responsibilities as well. 


            I'm going to have to find some real world examples that I can apply to our department to show them- what can happen, worst case scenario.

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              Ken Flerlage

              Yikes! I think some real world examples would be a good next step. Keep fighting the good fight. I hope that you break through before someone makes a huge mistake.

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                Peter Fakan

                Hi Scott,


                Hoping this will help - Admins can do this permanent change (and this power should be restricted to very few);






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                  Scott Schmeling

                  Thanks Peter,


                  I'm hoping that will scare them into realizing that there is a reason we have Admins. 


                  As you both are aware, I'm sure it's hard to convince them until they have experienced something like this in the past.  It is very easy to overtrust- until the mistake happens.