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    Datasource Publishing



      Got few questions around Datasource publishing in Tableau server.


      1.If I dont publish the datasource before publising a worksheet on tableau server , what will happen-

           a.whether datasource will get publish automatically to Tableau Server since i have published the worksheet with new datasource?

           b.Report/Workshet/Dashboard will not work, since required datasource(for the worksheet) is not published in tableau server


      2a.If table/datasource used in worksheet is published in Tableau server but while designing the report on Tableau desktop we have created new connection for exactly same table for which datasource already exists on tableau server, what will happen.

           a.Datasource used in Tableau desktop will get  automatically connected to the existing  datasource in tableau server?

           b.Duplicate Datasource will get created on tableau server


      2b.If we have already created dashboard using new connection, datasource for which already exists on tableau server, what should we do now?

           a.Can we link both datasources(one of tableau desktop and another on tableau server) to avoid any redundant effort of recreating the dashboard.


      Thanks for replying.