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    Comparing fiscal year to date to previous fiscal year to date

    Doug Stanley

      I'm embarrassed to say how many hours I've spent on this without success. Hoping someone can help.


      I need to compare fiscal YTD sales to the same period a year ago, i.e. previous fiscal YTD.


      My Date field is a calendar date. My fiscal year starts in July.


      I have tried using this calc to create a Fiscal Date that I can do calculations on:



      I am using this calc to compute YTD Revenue:


      IF DATEPART('dayofyear',[FiscalDate]) >

         { FIXED : DATEPART('dayofyear',MAX([FiscalDate])) }


      ELSE [Revenue]



      The combination of those two calcs produces this, which is ALMOST what I need:


      Despite the Fiscal Date calculation above, Tableau is recognizing January as the start of the fiscal year, not July.


      What am I missing?


      Also, bonus question, how can I filter out a partial month for THIS fiscal YTD and the same month during the PREVIOUS fiscal YTD?


      This gets me halfway there, filtering out the partial month in this fiscal year's data:

      DATETRUNC('month', [Date]) <> DATETRUNC('month',TODAY())


      How would I tell Tableau to exclude the same month a year earlier?


      Apologies for lack of a packaged workbook. My data is proprietary and creating a dummy data set would require more time than I have right now.