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    Help with map that plots Lat Longs on polygon from Shapefile

    nicole castanon

      I am not incredibly familiar with shape files or plotting lat and longs in Tableau but someone asked me for help with a map and it's probably time to learn! 


      1.  My lat long plotting and then color coding got me a chart and not a map (see image).  This is from an excel file with program data.  Assuming this is step one of where the problem is.  Please note the measures for Lat and Long are are each set to the correct geographic role. 


      1.1 this is what happens when I change the mark type to map



      2. I am joining as a left join (where the excel file of program data is on the left) and join with the spatial file on district.  The map only shows the data from the shape file.  When i try and add the lat long data it turns the whole thing to a chart similar to the one above.

      Image below of the area from the shape file i am trying to plot the data above within.



      Anyone know why the lat long data is only displaying as a chart?  Anyone know how to get both on the same map? 


      Attached is the full shape file and an abridged version of the data file since I am unable to share all the data.  Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you all so much for your help!  I am always grateful for this community!