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    How to catch TSM error messages in PowerShell?

    Aron Saläng



      I have a maintenance script in PowerShell that handles weekly backup and cleanup on a Tableau Server (2018.2).


      It's working fine and I use $LastExitCode to verify that commands finish correctly.

      What I haven't been able to do is to get details on any error that occurs.


      Here's a sample code that creates an error and tries display it in a popup window:


      $TSMcmd = ".\tsm maintenance cleanup -x"

      Invoke-Expression -Command:$TSMcmd

          if($LastExitCode -eq 1)





      There's no -x option for the tsm maintenance command so the console shows: "Unrecognized option: -x".

      I can catch the error with if($LastExitCode -eq 1) but I don't know to get the details of it. I've tried to use the $Error object but that doesn't work.


      Anybody have a suggestion on how to do this? Nota bene that displaying a popup window with the error message is not the end game. I will write it in an email notification once I get it to work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.