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    Different height for dashboards in the same workbook

    Fabio Fantoni

      Hi guys,


      I'm facing this (strange to me) behaviour dealing with a 3 dashboard workbook designed to be consumed via Tableau Mobile (vertical).


      The first dashboard, which is a sort of landing page, has a height of 575 pixel and the other two have more contents so they need to have height of 2000 pixels.


      In Tableau Desktop all works just fine, but after having published the entire workbook into Tableau Server, when I check the 575 pixel height dashboard (via desktop or Tableau Mobile), it seems to be forced to a 2000pixel height filled with empty content.


      Is there any way to prevent this behaviour in order to keep every dashboard actual height, or there's a sort of "constraint" forcing all dashboard in the same workbook to the maximum height?



      Thanks in advance!



      EDIT: The workbook needs to be published with the "Show sheets as tabs" in order to rely on cross dashboards actions