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    Simulate click when embedding in Tableau Server


      Hi all,


      I have a dashboard wich filters several pages. It sends the filter to other dashboards when a value in a table is selected and it works good. The problem is when I embed it into my web page, users get into my Home Page and once they're there, they select some options located there and those options must be used to apply the dashboard actions in my report but they act as filter to each sheet and not as an action. The questions/problem are these:

      • Is there a way to simulate the Click Action when user select values in my web page's Home? (for example, user selects in my Home Page Canada and Ottawa so in my table someway those values must be clicked all via code, without more user interaction)
      • Can I send the filter values as Actions and not as filters by code?


      I need this soon please! I tried everything but can't get this.

      Thanks for your answers!