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    Calculation using some of the fields and values from pivot

    Aung Myat

      Hi Experts.
      I have a data set that contains some measures values.
      I created a pivot field using those values to plot on Tree map.
      Now I want to create a calculated filed that contains some of fields from pivot fields.
      Let me explain a bit on pivot field that contain R:0-0,R:1-0, R:2-1 etc.

      I want to create a calculated field that sums the pivot values for R:0-0,R:1-0,R:1-1,R:0-1,R:2-0,R:0-2

      This calculated field is one of those i wanted to create.
      Can anyone suggest how to perform this calculation.



      I have attached the twbx file also.

      Your help would be much appreciated.