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    find a word in a string, return value of matches

    Jeff Grant

      Hello - can't figure out how to do the following in tableau.


      I created a workbook of Box Office Domestic Movie Grosses -

      Top Grossing Movies Tab - shows the top twenty films by gross in desc order

      abs_feq Tab - data from the CSV file

      wtd_freq Tab - data from the CSV file

      rel_val TAB - data from the CSV file



      word in movie title TAB - i need some help

      Ask the user to input a word, for example 'star' and Tableau presents in Desc order all of the movies - title, year and gross (max of 20) that match 'star' similar to the Top Grossing Movies.


      I can do this in Python but can't figure out the Tableau Way.


      Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 5.07.12 PM.png