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    Revenues Calculation


      Hi All,


      I am trying to calculate the Revenues on a data source which is giving me a headache on how to calculate the Revenues for each of the Item Names only for 1 "Id (deliveries.csv)" for each "Order Number (ID)". This would avoid doubling the final amount of revenues I get:


      So far, I have tried a couple of ways but I am always getting Null values out of that, even if it works when filtering for the single order.


      This is one option I tried:


      IF attr([Id (deliveries.csv)])=attr([Count First Id Deliveries +1 (for Multiple Deliveries)]) then [Orders Revenue (gbp)]

      elseif attr([Count Id Deliveries (for Multiple Deliveries)])<=2 then [Orders Revenue (gbp)]



      This works when I take into account a single order, but as long as I pull out all of the orders there are some Null Values showing up and I don't know how to solve that.


      Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion you might have.