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    Tableau discrete measure calculation

    sunny p

      Can some one help me why I am getting negative values in this measure when I did a sum.I need to sum the discrete measure field which is calculated one in Tableau.

      When I tried to do it Measure option is greyed out and not showing exact values. When I tried to filter based on auditor this "Misc time" column showing blank.Attached cross tab data and sreen shots. When I worked with cross tab data "Misc time" is showing SUM in Measure values but in my original workbook it's greyed out.



      tab calc.JPG

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          Don Wise

          Hello Sunny,

          It appears you have negative values in your data; or rather, whatever calculation is being used in your Excel worksheet or Database to produce the result prior to it being brought into Tableau is producing negative values...Tableau is only working with the data it has available for use.  Hope that points you in the right direction for a fix, if the values are truly supposed to be all positive.  Auditor 8 for example has a negative value of -46 in one of their data points.  Thx, Don

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            Don Wise

            Hello Sunny,

            Just circling back to see if your question was answered?  If yes, please mark this response as correct to close the thread.  Thanks, Don