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    Create extract of live published data source


      Hi All,


      I have a scenario where I'm not able to connect to my production data base from any Tableau Desktop because of some firewall issues. But my Tableau Server can connect to this data source as the firewall between Tableau Server machine & Database Server Machine is opened. The only way to connect to this database is to install Tableau Desktop on either Database Server machine or Tableau Server machine which is not possible in my case because of IT restriction.

      Currently, I'm creating data source using Tableau Server web authoring and publishing it as live as separate data source. And I'm using this published live data source to connect from Tableau Desktop to build the dashboards.

      When I'm connecting to this live published data source, I'm getting an option to create extract as well. To re-present this as diagram,



      Can someone help me if this is good practice? If no, how can I mitigate this issue and what consequences I might face?