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    Action filter not working properly, please help!

    Nathan Zhong

      Hi fellow Tableau masters, I ran into a unexpected issue while working with action filters in my dashboard. It seems like in one of the dashboard, the action filters can only take on one filter at a time.


      For example, if I click the transaction month, everything is filtered by that month, but as I click on a specific account name, the month stays filtered, but the expense filter doesn't seem to work. Please see below:


      The first picture, I've selected my first action, which is on the account name. This works correctly as you can see the expense details are filtered by that account name.


      1st tableau pic.jpg


      However, if I click on the transaction month above, even though the account name is still selected, the rest of the page ignores the account name action. You can see that now there are other account names in the expense details table.


      2nd tableau pic.jpg


      I've never ran into this issue before as the previous times I've used action filters, it's always kept the integrity even as more action filters are applied.


      Any thoughts and help are greatly appreciated!