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    Spread graphs with one measure across different rows and columns

    Akshay Patel



      I am creating a story in tableau which involves presenting information regarding volume for a product. I have created a line graph which shows the volume for the product over time for three different variants: Yellow, Green and Blue. The variants are all part of one measure.



      By default, when I create the line graphs, Tableau spreads them vertically (so that each of the three graphs are stacked on top of each other). The problem with this view is that it can be hard to view the seasonality across time as the line for each of the three variants becomes flat. I have attached an image of this (titled "Default")


      What I would like instead is to have the graphs spread across two rows and columns to improve visibility. I currently have the graphs in two different worksheets (Yellow+Green and Blue). The problem with this method is that it is a bit of a hassle in terms of formatting and efficiency of the tableau story. I have attached an image of how I would like the graphs to look (titled: "Grid").


      Is there any way to make it so Tableau can spread the graphs across two different columns and rows (like a grid)?