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    Difference for Multiple Measures in Crosstab

    Eric Viglotti



      This is a bit hard to explain, but if you look at the attached Tableau file, is there any way to calculate the difference between the sales and and sales forecast across between corporate and home office by year? Simply put, I want to calculate the yellow highlighted cells in the Excel file that I have done manually.


      I know that I can do this by making 4 different calculated measures and then doing two calculated measures to do the difference between the two. For example, I can make a "Corporate Sales" measure that = If Segment = 'Corporate' then [Sales] else 0 and then do tons of those manually, but a.) that's kind of bulky and manual and b.) you then lose the nice formatting of how "Corporate" items are grouped together and "Home Office" items are grouped together in a cross tab or other visualization.


      Any other ideas?