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    How to manipulate what is grouped with a Parameter by Relative Date?

    Jesse Huey

      I'm attempting to present NFL Box Score data via ESPN with context. My goal is to present data points in a Box plot and set color to resent relationships. Once done this Dashboard will be published to Public weekly for all NFL fans to enjoy.


      T Team  = Team you want to analyze

      O Team = T Team's Opponents

      O Opponent  = O Team's Opponents


      I want the user see how a Team (T Team) Performs (In the twbx I'm using Passing Yards) in comparison to the Previous Opponents (O Opponent) of that week's Opponent (O Team). Thanks to my RDU TUG group I have been educated on using Parameters to create the color identification (Believe that part to be done correctly). The issue is I am getting all of T Teams Opponents Identified in the data set (Whole Season) not just the ones in relation to a Date.





      Thank you in advance for anyone's support on this,