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    Filtering on Minimum Value of a Fixed Measure

    Jon MacMIllan

      I seem to be going in circles on this one and it is hard to even explain, but here is my best shot. I calculated a unique random value for 30,000+ names. I would like my viz to randomly select a name for you and show the history of it. To show a random name I created a parameter and added a control to move the parameter up or down, and what is returned is the name whose random value is nearest to that parameter value.


      Here is the issue however. I added filters to context such that, if you filter for male or female, then it will only show names in that category. This means that if I filter for female and my parameter is set to 2 and the nearest female names have a random value of 1 or 3, then it is causing issues with some of my charts. So I want to set another filter condition to always take the max value of this random field, such that in the example above the random value of 3 is chosen. I have figured out how to do that using a rank table calculation in some of my sheets, but I am having trouble with my map chart and my line chart. The ranking doesn't seem to work as I would expect and neither do window_max calculations or anything else I have tried.


      I hope that makes sense. I am just now beginning to understand LOD expressions, so I am fairly new to this. I assume there is a much easier way than how I am doing it, or attempting to do this.


      Thanks for looking!