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    Slooow Extracts.... Performace Help!?

    Benjamin Cole

      Hi Ya'll,


      I'm a Tableau monkey working with more data than I'm used to, and running up against performance/ query speed issues.


      I have 4 tableau extracts that I need to use together

      1. 1.5M rows @ 27 MB
      2. 3M rows @ 164 MB
      3. 15M rows @ 373 MB
      4. 20M rows @ 485 MB


      There is 3 approaches I've tried to increase query speed.

      1. Inner join all 4 extracts in Tableau
      2. Add each extract as a new data source and then data blend them in the view.  Blending even the smallest data sets take minutes to run.
      3. Create a single tableau extract @ 3.3 GB



      • Whats fastest? Blend vs Join vs One large extract?
      • Are there other ways to optimize performance?


      Cheers and many ---> THANKS!




      PS. is there a way to

      1. limit my data to 1M-ish rows

      2. build my dashboard

      3. un-limit my data and let the entire dashboard run its queries?