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    Time Axis dynamically sorted by field.


      Hi guys,


      I'm reaching again for some knowledge.


      I was wondering if is possible to sort time axis based on a field.


      For example, in the attached workbook you will see I have  2 classrooms, with different booking times. And, another layer of subjects and status.


      My main concern is that for "Class2" that start from 6pm to 2 am, I need to manually rearrange the axis from 6pm to 2 am. Other wise it will show 2 am before 6pm.


      I know that if I drag the time dimension into columns, this will sort the axis, but including the day number.


      In my case I want to have all 6pm one above another one, no separate them by day.


      Let me show you:



      Sheet (Night)


      If I drag the time into columns (which I dont want) (Sheet Night (2))



      Do you think guys, I can sort the axis by the field Start date?


      So, if I choose Class 1, automatically sort from 10 am. And if I choose class2 from 6pm onward?


      Thanks in advance,